41 Reasons No-One Loves You Like Your Dog!

Happy Valentines Day Woofas,

Valentines Day, hmm what does it mean?  Can anyone tell us?

I found an interesting story on The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day!!!!  Involving Roman’s slaying a goat and a dog and whipping young women with the remains believing it would make them more fertile!!!!  EEKkkk I’m glad that’s changed!!

Then there’s The History of St Valentine himself that makes for an interesting read!!!

Valentine’s Day in this day and age brings with it a whole heap of different emotions from ‘I don’t give a crap’ to ‘why didn’t I get anything’ to ‘OMG I’m so in love’!



The New Lovers

New lovers go out of their way to make this day special for their other half.  They go out to dinner and shower their significant other in gifts.  They’re the annoying couple making lovey dove eyes at each other and everything is all about love.

Dean and I were guilty of this last year because it was our first Valentine’s Day together.  We didn’t go extravagant but we did buy lovey cards and chocolates and gifts for each other.

This day is amazing and happy and filled with love.

Long Time/Married Couples 

These couples are lucky if they even remember what the day is or when it is.  They’re not fussed and see it as a huge money making scheme.

They’re in love and don’t need one day to prove it!!!

Singles Looking for Love

These guys sit around and hope and pray that someone sends them something.  All the while pretending to be happy for those that actually get something sent to them.  Or these days they’re on Tinder vigorously swiping to find that last minute ‘love moment’!!

They still have hope for love.

Singles who have given up on Love

They loath this day, having to sit through all the crap that comes with it.  They protest loudly that it’s a money making scheme and how stupid people fall for it.

They’ve been burned and see this day as something to mourn!!!!


ALAS!!!! It doesn’t matter how you see this day, whether you’re with someone, searching for someone or have given up on people, THERE’S ALWAYS THE LOVE OF YOUR DOG!



  1. Dogs love you unconditionally;
  2. Dogs look at you with love eyes ALL the time;
  3. Dogs greet you happily every time they see you;
  4. Dogs are always by your side no matter what;
  5. Dogs don’t care what you look like;
  6. Dogs will happily be your dinner date;
  7. Dogs know how to have fun like no-one else is watching;
  8. Dogs won’t judge you if you have that last piece of cake or extra piece of chocolate;
  9. Dogs will sit with you while you binge watch your favourite show;
  10. Dogs will sit with you while you read your favourite book;
  11. Dogs will be by your side while you have that glass of wine (or whatever your beverage is);
  12. Dogs will guard and protect you;
  13. Dogs will take the blame for a sudden smell in the air;
  14. Dogs will love your cooking always;
  15. Dogs are loyal;
  16. Dogs will give their all to you without question;
  17. Dogs need you;
  18. Dogs will make you laugh;
  19. Dogs let you take a million photos of them without whinging;
  20. Dogs love every gift you give them;
  21. Dogs will happily sleep with you (& hog the bed and snore);
  22. Dogs will always listen to what you have to say;
  23. Dogs teach us how to be loving and calm;
  24. Dogs have pure hearts;
  25. Dogs love to give kisses;
  26. Dogs always make your day better, no matter what;
  27. Dogs don’t care about your ugly crying;
  28. Dogs don’t backstab, call names or talk behind your back;
  29. Dogs are grateful you are in their lives;
  30. Dogs don’t ask for too much in return;
  31. Dogs don’t discriminate;
  32. Dogs bring you gifts;
  33. Dogs give you true love;
  34. Dogs will always go out with you;
  35. Dogs will do as you say;
  36. Dogs don’t back chat;
  37. Dogs think you are awesome;
  38. Dogs will forgive you for a bad haircut;
  39. Dogs will never let you be alone;
  40. Dogs make your heart melt;
  41. Dogs will love you forever.


Let’s face it Woofa’s our dogs are awesome!!!!  I’ve no doubt there’s a million more reasons why no-one loves us like our dogs!!!!  Why don’t you list them now!

So if you’re not feeling love from people this year, turn to your fur baby and feel the love emanating off them towards you.  Cherish it, love it and be grateful.

No-one loves your more than your dog does.  That’s something worthwhile right there!

How will you and your fur kids be spending Valentine’s Day?



J & B

Woofalicious Tales


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