41 Reasons No-One Loves You Like Your Dog!

Happy Valentines Day Woofas,
Valentines Day, hmm what does it mean?  Can anyone tell us?
I found an interesting story on The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day!!!!  Involving Roman’s slaying a goat and a dog and whipping young women with the remains believing it would make…

5 Things You Need To Know About Dog Bones!

Hey Woofa’s,
In this day and age there’s a lot of controversy about whether to give your dog a bone or not?
Some say no to bones and some say yes to bones, it really depends on who you’re talking to.


Hey Woofa’s,
A lot of dogs I’ve come across lately are itchy, and it is driving their owners bonkers!!!
I know the minute Billy starts scratching like crazy and then biting his tail, that he has a flea.  It only takes 1 for him to go…

Happy Australia Day!!!

G’Day Woofa’s,
I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since my last Australia Day post!!!
To recap, Australia Day is the official National Day of Australia, celebrated annually on 26 January each year.  It marks the…

Boiled Chicken & Rice!

Hey Woofa’s,
As much as we tried to prevent Billy from being fed ‘party food’ on Christmas Day he still got a bit of an upset tummy!
So for 3 days we fed him Boiled Chicken & Rice.
This bland meal brings their belly back into…

8 Tips On Keeping Your Fur Kids Safe From Snakes!

Hey There Woofa’s,
It’s stinking hot in Australia today (45 degrees aka 113 fahrenheit) and everyone is fighting to stay cool.
Something to be aware of in this weather are SNAKES.  I recently saw a Facebook picture of a Red Bellied Black Snake in the carpark…

6 Tips on Keeping Your Fur Kid’s Safe This New Years Eve!

Wow just when you thought the festivities were winding down, they pick right back up again.
Can you believe we’re close to saying goodbye to 2017 and to Welcoming 2018?
Whether you’re going out or saying in this New Year’s Eve the all important…

Christmas Day Safety Check List For Our Fur Kids!

Hey There Woofas,  the festive season is upon us!!!
Are you all organised and ready to go or are you the last minute type?
In my family we take turns in hosting Christmas Day and this year it’s our turn.
I’m looking forward to catching up…

63 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dog & Dog Lover In Your Life!!

Hey Woofa’s,
Did you know it’s exactly 3 weeks until Christmas Day????
I’m not sure about you but I’m one of those ‘annoying people‘!  You know?  The ones that have all their decorations up, all their Christmas cards sent and…

5 Questions To Ask About Your Dog’s Poo!!!

Hey Woofa’s,
Today’s topic is a little crappy……yes pun intended.
My question to you is, ‘How Well Do You Know Your Dog’s Poo’?
It may be considered a gross topic but it’s really important to know your…