Roast Chicken Leftovers!!!!!!



I have to say that this is one of Billy’s favourite dinners. We pretty much buy an already cooked chicken (sometimes we even cook one ourselves), have whatever meat we want off it and the rest Billy gets.  It doesn’t take long at all..!




  •  1 x cooked chicken



  1. Remove all the chicken and stuffing that you can off the bones;
  2. Judge for yourself whether it’s enough for 1-2 nights meals for your fur baby;
  3. I choose NOT give Billy the cooked bones because during digestion they can splinter and cause damage in the long run to his insides.  (This is not a myth I know dogs that this has happened to);
  4. When cooled you can either add your selection of dry food or just serve the chicken.
  5. I wouldn’t give this to him every night of the week as it’s high in fat but once a fortnight or monthly is fine.



Billy’s rating is 5 paws out of 5.  This is rated by how eagerly he eats his dinner.  When I give him this meal it’s usually eaten up pretty quickly.



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