Merry Christmas Fur Babies!!

Tis the season to be Jolly, falalalalalaaaaalaaaalaaaaalaaaaa, right?  Are you a last minute shopper who wrestles the crowds and loves it (or hates it)?  Or are you one of ‘those annoying people’ who, like us,  have it all bought, wrapped and under the tree weeks before Christmas?   I can’t help myself, before I even go Christmas shopping I have a list of who I have to buy for and I also have what I’m going to get them written beside their names.  I then hit the shops (early) like I’m on  mission impossible and I don’t leave until every last present has been bought, including of course Billy’s (my fur baby) presents.

Are you one who also buys for their fur babies and wraps their presents and puts them under the tree, and has 20 attempts at getting a family Christmas photo to post on social media (just as we did for this post)?  It took us 20 shots but we got Billy’s true staffy smile happening and that made us happy enough to post lol.  Do you have Santa pics with your fur babies and then send them to all your friends and family?

While I do stress a bit over the Christmas period I truly am a Christmas person, we have two trees up this year, one for the house and one for Henabel’s Salon, which has been peed on and poohed under, but hey it’s a tree and their dogs so I’m lenient towards the shenanigans.  I’ve also tried my hardest to have customer’s dogs take their pic under the tree some worked some didn’t, it just makes me more determined to get them next year : ).  We also have lights up out the front this year and we checked out the neighbours lights for ideas on how to go bigger and better for next year’s attempt!!!!!! Obesessive Christmas Disorder much????

Then there’s the thought of leaving Billy alone on Christmas Day, we have two places to visit throughout the day and he is here alone, although, I must admit he fares pretty well.  He usually gets a big bone and some toys and he sleeps around a lot so when we come home he’s pretty relaxed.

Where does your fur baby end up on Christmas Day?  If you have Christmas Day at your house, how do you stop people from over feeding your fur baby or feeding them things they shouldn’t eat, because let’s face it fur babies are going to beg for food and give off those puppy dog eyes that people can’t resist, and you don’t want them over fed because that can lead to illness and unexpected vet visits!!!!! Oh the dilemma!!!  And things to be aware of this festive season.

To me, when it all comes down to it,  it’s all about the Christmas Spirit, no matter what happens throughout the year I always like the idea of coming together with family and friends, it’s the time of year where we actually make the effort to visit people and catch up.  Don’t get me wrong I know a lot of people out there have issues with family members (including my family), I hear the stories all the time but I feel it’s time to put those feelings aside for one day and just be in the moment.

We rush around and buy presents and prepare food and get our homes ready for family and friends to visit, or make food to take to their places but we tend to forget to be in the moment and just appreciate the people and animals we do have around us that care for us and love us.

From our home to yours

Merry Christmas!!





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