Happy Mother’s Day Dog Mumma’s!!!



Mother’s Day in Australia happens to fall on the 2nd Sunday in May.  This year I’d like to give a shout out to all the Dog Mumma’s out there, I think it’s important to acknowledge us as well!! Don’t you??

Most of the time we’re looked at like we’re weird because we have so many dog pics on our phones, talk about our dogs as much as others talk about their kids and we let them sleep in our beds with us!!!! SHOCK HORROR, to anyone who isn’t a dog person!!!!

I was only having this conversation with a customer today, she had just become a dog mum for the first time (after many, many years of begging her dad and then her husband) and she said before she didn’t get it.  She didn’t get how obsessed people could get over their dogs, but now she has a cute little cavoodle named Bailey, she totally get’s it.  She was goo gooing and doing the mummy’s little bubba, and she was sad when she had to leave him for 10mins to go to the shops and he did whine after her and it broke her heart. Yep she totally get’s it now and I”m glad she’s come to this side lol!!!

Until you’ve owned a dog you can’t possibly understand the bond you share with them, the unconditional love and loyalty that just oozes out of them, those puppy dog eyes that melt your heart every time they look at you, their soft furry bodies that snuggle into you, no matter how big or small they are they’re getting into that spot right on top of you whether they fit or not!!

When we take on the role of Dog Mumma we cater to their every need, food, water, nourishment, shelter, comfort, love, loyalty, fun, protection, you name it we’re there for our fur kids.  They become a part of our lives and it’s up to us to train and teach them, clean up after them, nurse them when they’re not well, we’re there for the hard times, we cheer when they pee and pooh in the right spots, we agonise over what to feed them, whether it’s good for them or not, what treats to buy for them, who should they go on play dates with, we worry about them at the dog park, who are they mixing with??? We worry about them when they don’t seem like themselves, choosing which vet to take them to, which groomer is suitable enough, what happens to them when/if we manage to leave them and go on a holiday?  We take them on adventures, walks, we have fun times, we are their soul care giver!!!!

To me, this doesn’t sound too different from having kids of the 2 legged kind!!!  Yep there I said it, I just put it out there!!!

Fur kids leave paw prints all over our hearts!!  This is a simple fact!

My gorgeous boy Billy secretly got on line and bought me a Doggy Mumma’s Day Present, here’s a sneak peak at what it is:


If you’re interested in getting one for yourself here’s the link not only is it a gorgeous present money from Billy’s purchase goes towards helping rescue dogs, he’s so thoughtful my Billy.


Oh and I saw this Dog Mom Rap on Facebook so I’m going to share it with you here because it had me laughing and crying all at the same time.



These ladies are genius in my book they sum up being a Dog Mumma in a fun way.

I hope you have a HAPPY DOG MUMMA’S DAY!!!!!

We’d love to hear all about what your Fur baby brings to your life, drop us a line.


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