9 Dog Minding Options So You Can Holiday In Peace!

You’ve got the time, you’ve got the money, you’ve got the destination…….the only thing stopping you is the puppy dog eyes looking up at you!!!!!!

Dean and I recently returned from a Cruising holiday to Tasmania!  Which was awesome!!!  The only issue I had (& always have) is leaving Billy behind.

My relief was knowing that my dear friend who  loves Billy as I do, was able to look after him for us.

Billy was happy to see us return but he was clearly well looked after while we were gone.

With the holiday season fast approaching it’s important to have plans in place for your fur kid/s if you’re thinking of going away.

Here are 9 Options to consider when YOU go on HOLIDAYS and leave your FUR KIDS  behind!!!



  1. Trusted Family member to dog & house sit;
  2. Trusted Friend to dog & house sit;
  3. Trusted Family member or friend to ‘call in’ and feed, check on and play with your fur kids;
  4. Trusted Neighbour to do either of the above;
  5. Your fur kid/s to stay at trusted family, friend or neighbour’s house;
  6. Locate a trusted Pet Sitter (through a company)
  7. Trusted Boarding Kennel/s
  8. Trusted Vet
  9. Doggy Day Care (some may offer boarding facilities).



ALWAYS plan which option you’re going to do well in advance.

ALWAYS have a back up plan!





Billy is happy being in his own environment and doesn’t fret if we’re not here. So it only makes sense to us to have someone come in and feed him while we’re away.

My dear friend Amanda (who loves Billy as she does her own dog)  looks after him so well, (& spoils him so much) that I’m sure he barely missed us.

She lives close enough so she was able to call in before and after work to feed, play with and spoil him.

If you’re looking for someone to do the same for your fur kid/s, or house sit as well, then ask yourself these questions: –

  1. What is that person like around dogs in general and more specifically around your dogs?
  2. How do they act around your dogs?
  3. Are they loving, do they really really care about your dog’s welfare?
  4. How do your dogs respond to this person?
  5. Will this person pretty much treat your fur kid/s as if they were their own?
  6. Does this person follow instructions?
  7. How close does this person live to you?
  8. Will this person send you doggy pics while you’re on holidays? (This makes a huge difference & allows you to relax & stop worrying about them while you’re away).
  9. What is your gut telling you?
  10. Do you trust this person?
  11. How well will they look after your home?

If you’re still not sure, have the person do a trial run. Ask them stay over at your place (with or without you there) overnight and see how it goes.

Then, if that works, try again for a whole weekend and see how that goes.

ALWAYS leave your itinerary and emergency numbers behind, as well as any numbers for the dog’s i.e vet numbers, medications, another person in case they can’t reach you etc.



It comes down to TRUST.  If you’re thinking of leaving your fur kids with someone else, then ask the following: –

  1. Does this person have their own pets?
  2. If not, how will they go with your fur kid/s in their yard/house?
  3. How do they treat their pets?
  4. How do all the pets get on?
  5. If all the pets are friendly and play, what are they like at feeding time?
  6. Is this person’s yard secure?
  7. Are there things in this yard that could harm your dog/s?
  8. Will this person allow your dog/s inside (if they’re inside dogs)?
  9. Will they feed your dogs how you do?
  10. Is there sufficient water bowls around?
  11. What’s the deal if your dog’s are destructive in their yard?
  12. Is this person going to charge you?  What are their fees?
  13. Where will your dogs sleep?
  14. What happens if there’s loud noises and thunderstorms?
  15. Give this person all your instructions and see how they respond!

If you’re unsure of this, definitely have a trial.  Take your fur kid/s around to this persons place and stay there for a few hours just too see how it all goes.

And if it does work then, try it over night.  There might be other dogs in the surrounding yards of this person’s house that sets your fur kids off etc.

It’s definitely best to do trial runs, well before your departure date.



As a dog lover, over the years I’ve heard mixed stories about Boarding Kennels, some are awesome and some dogs have come home much worse for wear.

It’s all about doing your research well in advance before you head off.

Questions to ask –

  1. What’s their pricing?
  2. What do their facilities look like?
  3. Are the staff qualified, friendly, know how to handle dogs?
  4. Are you able to go on a tour around the kennels and site beforehand?
  5. How often are the areas cleaned out?
  6. Are there plenty of covered areas, areas for cool weather or hot weather etc?
  7. Will your dog/s be exercised?
  8. Do you provide their food or do they insist on using their own food?
  9. What emergency procedures do they have in place?
  10. Are the area’s secure?
  11. Do they socialise with other dogs?
  12. Is someone in the facility with them overnight?
  13. Is the size of the kennel in proportion to your dog’s size?
  14. If you have two or more fur kids, do they all get to stay together?
  15. If your fur kid/s require medication would they be able to give it to them?
  16. Is there a vet on site?
  17. Do they get groomed while at the facility?
  18. Are you able to bring your fur kid/s toys/bedding and anything that comforts them?
  19. It’s also up to you to advise the facility of any special needs your dog may require, i.e are they scared of loud noises, thunderstorms, fire works.   Are your dog/s social or need to be on their own etc?

Again, if you’ve checked off the above and are pretty happy with the facilities and the people, give your dogs a trial run.

I can’t stress enough to go with your gut, remember you’re leaving your fur babies with these people.



Some Vets and Doggy Day Care facilities in our area will board their client’s dogs.   So you could call your local trusted vet/doggy day care centre and ask them all the same questions as above.

My main concern would be whether or not they’ll be left alone overnight.  If your dog’s aren’t use to that then there could be an issue.

Also are they going to be caged the whole time or will they get exercised outside?

If they do offer it, again, go for that trial run first.



Ask other dog owners what they do with their fur kids when they go on holidays.

Ask for recommendations, word of mouth is the best advertising.

Look up reviews.

If you can’t find anyone or anywhere you’re comfortable with then the next option is to take your fur kids on a dog friendly holiday!!!!



It means when you plan on going on holidays your fur kids will be safe and happy while you’re gone.  Which also means you’ll be able to relax while you’re gone.

All the questions may seem extreme but for any dog lover it’s covering your bases.

Always, always ask the trusted person to send you updated pics of your fur kid/s while you’re away.  Why?  Because knowing your fur kid/s aren’t fretting and are having a good time while you’re away, will help you to enjoy your holiday that much more.


Have you been on holidays?  What arrangements did you make for your fur kids?  We’d love it if you would share with us.  Drop us a line.


J & B

Woofalicious Tales








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