63 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dog & Dog Lover In Your Life!!

Hey Woofa’s,

Did you know it’s exactly 3 weeks until Christmas Day????

I’m not sure about you but I’m one of those ‘annoying people‘!  You know?  The ones that have all their decorations up, all their Christmas cards sent and their shopping is done.

Yes I’m one of those people, but don’t despair I’m here to help you to get started with 63 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dog & Dog Lover in your life.

I’ve come up with 63 Christmas Gift ideas so that you don’t have to think about it.

You can scroll down the list and simply choose.


63 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Dog & Dog Lover In Your Life!!


  1. Pet Photography, get portraits done of them and their dog, or just their dog;
  2. Doggy Bandanas;
  3. Dog Books;
  4. Dog Movies;
  5. Jewellery with dog paws, or dog pendant;
  6. Socks with dogs on them or paw prints;
  7. Pj’s with dogs on them, including a Robe and Slippers;
  8. Christmas Decorations with Dog’s Name on them;
  9. Dog Calendar with their breed or just a general one with dogs;
  10. Dog Phone Cover, pic of their dog or general breed;
  11. Dog Mug, again general one or one with their dog pic on it;
  12. Dog Pillow
  13. T-shirt or Jumper with funny dog saying, or pic of their dog on it;
  14. Dog Christmas Carol CD
  15. Hat with dog paw prints or their dog on it;
  16. Dog Ornaments;
  17. Clothes for the dog, be sure to get the right size;
  18. A New Bed for the Dog, new blanket, pillow etc;
  19. Toys appropriate for the size of the dog;
  20. Dog Christmas Chocolates;
  21. Doggy Christmas Biscuits;
  22. Gift Certificate to their Local Dog Grooming Salon;
  23. Christmas Dog Towel or Blanket;
  24. If the person likes cooking – an apron, oven mitts and tea towel with dog paw prints;
  25. New Dog Bowls;
  26. Raw Dog Bones from the Butcher, with a red ribbon;
  27. Donate to a local Dog Charity in their name;
  28. Dog Magazine Subscription;
  29. Voucher from the vet that they use;
  30. Voucher from the local pet store;
  31. New Collar and Lead;
  32. New dog kennel;
  33. Doggy Placemats, both for human and dog;
  34. Doggy Beach towel;
  35. A Hat and Sunnies for the dog;
  36. Doggy rash vest for the beach;
  37. Doggy life jacket;
  38. Slippers with dogs on them;
  39. Singlets and Undies with dogs on them;
  40. Voucher to a dog trainer;
  41. Doggy gift basket or Christmas stocking full of dog’s favourite things;
  42. Doggy stationery  – pens, notebooks, journals, erasers etc;
  43. Doggy Desk Calendar;
  44. Flea or Worm treatment (Size appropriate);
  45. Doggy Scarf and mittens;
  46. Dog brush and combs (grooming supplies);
  47. Doggy Door Stop;
  48. Dog Water Bottle and travel dish;
  49. Dog Poo Pick up bags;
  50. Offer to pick up the dog poo for the owner for a week, month, year;
  51. Voucher for a Trusted Dog Walker;
  52. voucher for a Trusted Doggy Day Care;
  53. Doggy Cologne;
  54. Make your Doggy a nutritional Christmas Dinner;
  55. New tag for Dog’s Collar;
  56. Cute pic of doggy in a frame;
  57. Doggy pics with Santa;
  58. Dog Mats;
  59. Umbrella with Dog Paw Prints;
  60. Gumboots with Dog Paw Prints;
  61. Doggy Bag;
  62. Doggy Travel Bag;
  63. Animal Communication Reading (Medium Reading for Pets).


Whew that’s a long list.  Okay so I’ve listed some ideas and now you’re thinking, “That’s all good but where can I get it from”?

Don’t despair, I have some websites up my sleeve for you too.

(strictly no affiliate links are in this post)


10 Internet Sites

  1. I Heart Dogs
  2. Peter Alexander
  3. The Animal Rescue Site
  4. Budget Pet Products
  5. Loves Pet Photography
  6. Booktopia
  7. Isubscribe
  8. Friendly Dog Collars
  9. RSPCA Australia
  10. Amanda De Warren


What does this mean?

It means you don’t have to think too much about what to get the Dog or Dog lover in your life this Christmas.

Scroll through the list.

Click on the websites and away you go, shopping all done.

You better get started.


Billy and I would love to know how your shopping goes.  What did you decide to get your fur kids and the Doggy Lover in your life???


J & B

Woofalicious Tales


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