6 Must Have Ingredients for Your Dog Food Labels

Are you sick and tired of hearing in the news that one minute something is good for you and the next it can kill you?  Well it’s the same for Dog Food.

There’s so many conflicting views it’s confusing.  I personally don’t feed Billy canned dog food.  I believe it’s like giving your kids McDonald’s every night.  It might taste good to them in the moment but you can’t live off it.  It’ll  do much more damage in the long run costing you at the vet!!!

With your dog’s dry food/kibble, have you ever dropped one in water and watched it expand?  That’s what it’s doing inside your dog’s belly!

Way back, when we were in the dog show world there was an advertisement on TV saying, “Top Breeders Recommend Pal”!!!  Well, we were around a lot of top breeders and let me tell you NONE of them recommended that brand of food.  It went straight through the dogs with absolutely no nutritional value.  This is how misleading advertising is.

It can claim to be nutritional but is it really?  What process does this so called nutritional food have to go through to get it into a small round hard bite?

I admit, I’m a bit of a control freak (as much as life allows me to be anyway) and I much prefer to make Billy’s food from fresh meat and vegetables.  I’m not here to ‘dis’ on anyone I’m here to educate you about what’s going into your dog’s food.

We went to a well known pet store in our area yesterday, purely to buy a Staffy Calendar for next year!  There were people and dogs everywhere, all walking the aisles and being groomed and everyone was happy.  This is a great sight don’t get me wrong.

What  was confusing were the rows and rows of dog food all ‘claiming’ to be nutritional but are they really?

As a pet owner you want to do the best for your pets, you want to buy them the best food that’s full of goodness.  I get that not everyone has the time to make their dog’s food from scratch.

What you do want is to be informed about the food you are buying for them.

I recently had the lovely Allyse from reviews.com (no affiliate links here at all) contact me.  She is as passionate as us about our fur babies and knows how important it is to us in keeping them healthy.

Alysse and her research team have done an exhaustive and extensive thorough review of dog foods for us. YAY!

After analysing 2,223 different formulas and working with countless experts and dog owners, they have discovered which ingredients to look for and which to avoid when purchasing dog food. YAY!

I’m not going to re-write their whole article so click here  – Reviews.com

Here are the 6 ingredients to look for on your dog food label, as mentioned in the review.

Good Ingredients and How They Relate to Your Dog Food

The review is well worth the read.
Whether the dog food you use is mentioned (we do have some different brands in Australia) or not the above list is something to look for in your dog food labels.
Prevention is much better than the Cure.
Thank you to Allyse for contacting me and sharing this information with us.
We hope you find it useful.  We’d also love to hear from you regarding your thoughts on dog food labels and what you feed your fur babies.
J & B
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