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41 Reasons No-One Loves You Like Your Dog!

Happy Valentines Day Woofas,
Valentines Day, hmm what does it mean?  Can anyone tell us?
I found an interesting story on The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day!!!!  Involving Roman’s slaying a goat and a dog and whipping young women with the remains believing it would make…

How To Tame Your Ego!

When was the last time (if ever) you really stopped and heard what you were saying to yourself?  If you haven’t, then I suggest you do it now and really listen to yourself.
If it’s all positive self talk, then you’ve got this.

How ‘Universal Shoves’ Completely Changed My Career Path!!

If someone said to me 20 years ago that (in 22 years time) I’d be running my own Dog Grooming Salon from home & writing a blog, I would’ve looked at them like they’d lost their marbles.
My goal back then was…