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Hi There and Welcome to Woofalicious Tales,

I decided to start this blog because I am told I can talk about dogs until ‘the cows come home’, when do they come home you ask? Well that’s it, no one knows really, so who knows when I’ll stop talking about dogs…….!!!

I am a very fortunate woman who has been dog grooming for 10 years now, although I have been surrounded by dogs all my life. My father use to show and breed English Staffordshire Bull Terriers, so being around the show ring I got to mix with many different breeds as well.

I love what I do and am now grooming from my home salon, I get to mix with like minded fur baby lovers, crazies as some of us are called and we share many stories that have us in laughter, tears and anything in between. No matter what those stories entail we are always left wondering ‘what they would say to us if they could talk?’

I’m hoping to have fun with this blog and get to indulge my passion even further and expand my band of Fur Baby Crazies, I’m also hoping it’ll be fun, informative and insightful, we can learn from each other, those on two legs and four legs.

Thanks for stopping by and reading my first ever blog, it’s only onwards and upwards from here xxoo

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