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Welcome Woofa, Peace Out!!!  Thanks for pawsing by for a look see,

With our lives being so busy we tend to whizz up all this highly stressed energy and can transfer it  onto our fur kids without realising it.  I can guarantee you whatever energy resides in your home and around your family, your fur kids are picking up on it.

I had this lovely high energetic customer and she had an equally high energetic staffy, the dog was jumping around and was going from one place to another busy sniffing at a fast pace etc.  I looked at the dog and was listening to the lady who was talking ten to the dozen jumping from one subject to another without taking a breath.  I mentioned how I also had a staffy who lazed around and sat with us but also knew how and when to turn on playtime and she said she wished her dog would be like that.

Anyway she had to leave the Salon for 20mins so I groomed her dog while she was gone, by the end of her groom time I had this previously frantic dog, sitting in my lap head resting on my shoulder as I brushed her, she was surrounded by different energy.  In the Salon I burn calming incense or oils (not too strong), I have smooth classical music playing and the lights are slightly dimmed and my energy is calm and relaxed.  When she returned she thought she had a different dog, I mentioned to her how hectic her life seemed and how her dog picks up on that energy.

Doggy Zen posts will help you to have a mentally healthy fur baby, I will learn alongside you (I’m sure) about how to keep our fur kids happy calm, playful kids.  Our life can be a stressful place to be or a calm place it’s all how we perceive it and it’s about the energy we put into it and the energy around us.

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