Know Your Dog


Welcome Woofa thanks for pawsing by for a look see,

Dog’s communicate with us through body language and it’s important to have a basic understanding of what goes on  with them mentally and physically.  If you have some idea of how your fur kid’s body works you’ll have a better idea when something isn’t working properly.

Just by looking at a fur baby we can see the basic make up of their bodies but it’s also fascinating to know what goes on underneath, now I’m not talking medical/vet stuff here I’m talking the basic understandings of how certain areas within our fur kids do what they do, super basic, so you can read your dog better.

With Know Your Dog I plan to write posts to help educate (me as well because I’ll be learning right along side you) us on the ‘basic’ mechanics on how our fur babies bodies work, i.e. do they see in black and white or colour, why do their ears move around, why do they sniff everything etc I hope to cover this and more.

If you have any questions you’d like me to cover I’d be more than happy to, just drop us an email at SNIFF ME above, or connect with us below.




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