Hey there,

Henabel’s Dog Grooming is the business I run from my home Salon in South Western Sydney, Australia.

Finding a good Dog Groomer is like finding the right hair dresser, the right Doctor, the right Vet, the right car, what works for you may not work for someone else.  I know when I find a good hair dresser I stick with her I’ve been with my current hair dresser for at least 10 years now.  I believe finding a Dog Groomer that gels with both you and your fur baby is important, I know for a fact that I wouldn’t drop Billy (or any previous dogs Henry or Isabel) off to just anyone.  Fur Babies are no longer just our best friends, they are our four legged furry family members who we choose to have in our lives.

At Henabel’s Dog Grooming I strive for the one-on-one attention that your fur baby deserves, I am a 1 woman operation and treat every fur baby as I do my own.  There is no dropping your fur baby off and leaving them here ALL day, there’s no cage drying, there’s no sitting in cages for hours on end, there’s no being left alone or unattended, there’s no worrying about what’s happening to your fur baby.   Your fur baby has my undivided attention throughout the whole grooming process!!


At Henabel’s appointments are by booking only, so you and your fur baby are the only ones being attended to, it’s completely up to you whether you want to stay for the duration of your appointment, or head to the shops or the local duck pond (both of which are only a 2 minute drive from the Salon) for the duration of the appointment it’s your choice.  However, I do suggest for the first few appointments, until your fur baby trusts me (and you trust me), that your stick around.  Either way, I strive for a stress free, comfortable and relaxing time for you and your fur baby.

If you would like a booking please call me on 0418 461 228

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Hours of Operation

Tuesday       – 8am to 6pm

Wednesday – 8am to 6pm

Thursday     – 8am to 6pm

Friday          – 8am to 6pm

Saturday      – 8am to 6pm

Out of hours bookings can be discussed, circumstances will depend on whether they can be arranged.

Parking is available on the premises, either out the front of the Salon or in the driveway.