Basic Home Grooming


Welcome Woofa’s, thanks for pawsing by for a look see!

I believe it’s important to keep our fur kids looking and feeling good about themselves and keeping them groomed will help do this.  I can speak from experience about the change in a dog’s demeanour when they go from dirty dog to clean dog!!  It’s almost like a transformation for some, they get a new lease on life and bounce around for all too see.

On the Home Grooming 101 page we’ll be sharing some tips on the best ways to groom your dog at home.  Whether you have a regular groomer and are in-between groom appointments (you just want to do a bit of up keep), or you have a short-haired dog and bath them yourselves or you want to try your hand at home grooming etc we’ll be sharing some handy hints to help you out.  I might add this is not a grooming course it’ll just be handy hints to keep your dog in good nick.

We’ll also be sharing with you things/signs to look for to tell you when your dog needs grooming and at what stage you’re going to need to call in the professionals.

We hope you find Basic Dog Grooming  helpful and if you have any further questions regarding grooming, Billy and I would love to hear from you!  Drop us an e-mail in SNIFF ME above or see below options to connect with us.

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