HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!


What exciting plans do you have for New Years?  Are you having a party, going to a party, off to see some fireworks, how does your fur baby handle the festive party season?  Do you also take New Year’s Eve pics with your fur baby and post them on social media????? Sorry couldn’t help myself!!

This year we’re having a quiet one, some drinks and nibbles at home and will watch Sydney’s amazing fireworks display from the comfort of our lounge room, with Master Billy right beside us.

We’re pretty lucky because Billy is not bothered by loud fireworks, it breaks my heart for the fur babies that get scared.  A customer told me the other day that his dog goes and hides in the wardrobe under the clothes and shakes, that’s her safe place.  Another one told me her dog hides under the blankets on her bed, another told me they have to mildly sedate their dog because she’s that scared!!!!   This time last year I was at my friend’s place and her kids came in with a fur baby that had gotten out and was on the run from some locals who decided to let fireworks off in the park, thankfully through Campbelltown Lost and Found (on Facebook) we found her owners.


5 Quick Safety Checks For your Fur Baby

  1.  If you can’t be home with your fur baby, can you arrange someone trustworthy to check on them or be with them?
  2. Do they have a safe place they can go to?
  3. Is the area they are in safe and secure, i.e make sure they can’t escape from a back yard or injure themselves on anything in their environment.
  4. Can you leave them inside with a radio or TV on to muffle the banging sound?
  5. Leave plenty of water for them, excess panting can cause them to over salivate.



New Year’s also tends to become a time of reflection for me, it’s a time I consciously take note of all that I am grateful for in my life, yes I know it sounds so cliched and wishy washy but it’s true.  If you aren’t grateful for what you have right now, how are you going to appreciate what comes into your life in the new year??

I’m not a New Year’s Resolution person by any means but I do however have goals that I want to reach, I always say I’m a big dreamer but also a realist at the same time.  I have big dreams but I know sitting on my butt isn’t going to make those dreams come true, you have to get out there and make them come true!!!!!  No one else is going to do it for you, it’s up to you and you alone.

I wish you a Happy New Year and hope all your dreams come true in the New Year and that your fur babies are all safe, secure and feeling loved : )

From Our Home to Yours

Happy New Year

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