Happy 5th Birthday Billy!!!


Yes I really did make Billy a birthday cake and we really did sing him happy birthday!!!  You can tell we don’t have kids of the 2 legged kind yet lol

I couldn’t let another birthday go by without celebrating it and sharing it here on the blog.  I’d love to know who else out there celebrates their fur baby’s birthdays??

5 years ago Billy came into the world and 6 weeks after that he came into my life and I was a goner.  I remember him sitting on the computer room floor doing little puppy growls at himself in the mirror, so cute.  I also forgot what it was like to have a baby around again because he also pee’d and poo’d constantly, I remember going through a whole roll of paper towel in one night!!!!

Most who meet him, ask why I didn’t call him patch (because his left eye has a black mark over it) I say, because that would’ve been way too obvious.  I’m not sure where the name Billy came from but I do remember looking at him and running through all different names in my head and Billy stuck.  Now he has 10 or so variations of his name and he answers to all of them.

I’m not sure about your fur kids but whenever we sit down on the lounge or lay on the bed he lays all over us, I say to Dean that’s because he’s pinning us down so we don’t go out.  Really though, I wonder if it’s because as puppies they lay all over their pack mates while whelping, that because we become their pack mates they feel the need to lay all over us.   If he’s near you he’s on you or some part of him is touching you if he can’t lay on you.

I just can’t stress enough how awesome dogs are, they are so much smarter than we can even imagine, we don’t give them enough credit.  Billy lets us know when he wants to play, ball in mouth, bum in air and play growls non stop, mind you he won’t let you get the ball you have to chase him to get it!!!

He does hot laps around the house, for about 2 minutes he runs around like crazy and be buggered if you get in his way because he doesn’t stop for anyone, I’ve had a few shin bone bruises to prove it!!!


Isabel was his surrogate mother (she was 12 when I got him at 6weeks) and she passed on all the good habits, to this day he’s never touched the washing on the line!!  He was the one who woke me up when she was having a fit (before she passed away).  The day she passed when we were waiting for Pets At Peace to come, Billy walked over and sniffed Isabel and dropped his ball in her bed with her, it broke my heart even more.

He became even more spoilt after Isabel passed, because I was so upset he would jump on the lounge or the bed and snuggle with me and there he stayed!!!  Now he’s a bed hog and he snores like a trooper!!!  Now the three of us try and all sleep in the bed together!!!!!  All I can say is that Dean is a very patient man!

Billy also knows when my parents bring around “Billy’s Blue Bag” – my mum and dad freeze all their left overs and meat cut offs for Billy and they always happen to bring it around in a blue bag, and even when I bring it home from their place he knows that it’s his, he jumps around and follows the bag in.

He’s got this knack of turning on the drool as well, as we’re eating something he’ll give you the puppy dog stare and just out of nowhere he’ll start to drool, he’s by no means a drooly dog either!

Yes I could talk til the cows come home about dogs and I’m bragging non stop about Billy and I could easily keep going and this is what I love about dogs, you see someone else, even a stranger, and if you have dogs in common you can’t stop talking about them.

One of my customers said to me, “Janine my partner and I went out to dinner with another couple.  We spent about 10minutes talking about kids and grandkids and the rest of the night we didn’t shut up about our dogs!!!!”

I LOVE IT!!  Are you like that?  I know I definitely am.

My friend said to me as well, “Janine, my kids never realise when I get home from work but my dog Jimmy always knew, he was always there all excited to see me, tail wagging so much his bum would wiggle”.

I know Dean has turned into the street in his car when Billy’s ears prick up and he goes to the door and whines, he tells me Dean is home!

There are many, many reasons dogs are amazing and I’m definitely a believer that they enhance your life, it’s definitely hard when they pass away but I couldn’t imagine my life without one.  No dog replaces the other, they all have their own personalities and it’s a privilege to have each and everyone of them in your life.  The dogs that come into your life are the ones that are meant to be there!

Happy Birthday Billy, we love you!!

It takes a special kind of person to have fur kid/s, are you that kind of person?  I’d love to hear your bragging about your fur kid/s!  Drop us a line and tell us what your fur kid/s mean to you!!





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