Advertise with Woofalicious Tales

Looking to Advertise with Woofalicious Tales, yay?  Billy and I can’t wait to Wag Tails with you!

While I recognise that Woofalicious Tales is in it’s very early start up phase and doesn’t have any viewers, followers or subscribers JUST YET, I plan to have loads and loads and be able to display just how many, in the near future.

Woofalicious Tales will provide, fun, quality & informative information (& much more) to a furever growing audience who are just as dedicated, crazy and passionate about their dogs, as I am.

In this case I’d like to keep advertising related to anything and everything to do with dogs.

I plan to wag tails with many subscribers by first informing my grooming clients about Woofalicious Tales, growing social media sites, joining other blog groups and working at getting Woofalicious Tales out there and recognised as one of the top quality Blogs for Dogs.

Thanks for pawsing by, we do look forward to our first ever advertising experience, will it be you???