Christmas Day Safety Check List For Our Fur Kids!

Hey There Woofas,  the festive season is upon us!!!

Are you all organised and ready to go or are you the last minute type?

In my family we take turns in hosting Christmas Day and this year it’s our turn.

I’m looking forward to catching up with everyone.

What does this have to do with our fur babies?

Well, while we love Billy hanging out with us in the house, not all guests want him sitting on their laps, or jumping on them for pats.

Billy will be segregated to the backyard for the day!!!!  He’ll have his comfy outdoor bed and treats and water and shelter etc, but it’s not his norm.

Christmas Day can be fun for us but no so fun for our Fur Kids.


Christmas Day Safety Check-list for our Fur Kids!


If you’re hosting Christmas Day & Your Dog is not social!

Make sure they have somewhere safe to stay for the day, away from guests.  It could be in a well ventilated area or room with someone checking on them.  If possible, you could send them to someone else’s yard for the day.

The importance here is that your fur baby feels safe.  Guests tend to ignore that the dog isn’t social and still may try to pet them!!  If your fur baby doesn’t want this then bites could occur etc.

If you’re hosting Christmas Day & Your Dog is overly social !

I know Billy likes to sit on people and be patted.  Not all guests like this, so for him being in our backyard with the pergola gates shut will suffice for him.

So if your fur baby is overly social and your guests don’t really like that, then have somewhere your fur baby can retreat to.  You could bring them out on a lead to say hello to everyone, and give them a sniff.  Then put them in an area so people can eat and be merry not worrying about your fur baby jumping all over them.

If you’re hosting Christmas Day & Your Dog is fine!

The next thing on the list is if your fur baby is wandering around your guests looking all cute, that they don’t over feed them.  I’m terribly guilty of this, if someone’s fur baby looks at me with ‘those eyes’ I tend to feed them a little cheese or cold meat.  This is fine, as long as everybody isn’t doing the same thing.

Your fur baby could end up sick, so make it clear to everyone not to over feed your fur baby, no matter how cute they look.

If you’re hosting and someone else wants to bring their dog!

My aunty’s dog is a fox terrier and he’s gorgeous.  I was asked by my parents if my aunty could bring their dog on Christmas Day.  I hesitated, only because Floyd and Billy have never met before.

I didn’t want Christmas Day to be all about worrying about the dogs. Or Billy seeing Floyd inside in his area when Billy’s stuck outside.

So after much thought, I did say YES.  My idea was Floyd could be in the gated area in my Dog Grooming Salon, he’ll be able to see people, he’ll have all the creature comforts.  It’s well ventilated, BUT he and Billy won’t be able to see each other or mix with each other.  Floyd can be walked out to the front yard for toilet stops and all should be happy.

Last year on Christmas Day towards the end, two other dogs were taken to my cousin’s place, so the afternoon was spent looking after the dogs and Arnie whose yard it was barked the whole time because strange dogs were in his yard.  It was okay but not ideal.

If you’re asked this question, make sure measures can be put in place so EVERYONE can have a good and safe day.

If you’re leaving your fur baby at home!

This goes without saying, make sure they are safe, have plenty of food and shelter from harsh weather.  Some parts of the world it’s snowing others it’s extreme heat, so either way make sure your fur baby is safe from the weather.

Also, don’t leave wrapping paper laying around or ribbon or presents of food/chocolate that they could decide to snack on.

If there’s local fireworks going off in the evening, and you know you won’t be back, make sure your fur baby has a safe haven to retreat to.

If you’re taking your dog away with you for Christmas Day!

Make sure it’s a dog friendly area.  Ask if there is somewhere secure for your dog to sleep, take their own bedding and dishes so it feels like their home away from home too.  Make sure to let them have a walk around the area they’ll be staying at.  Let them mark their territory and become familiar with the new smells.

Take their own food, treats and toys so they can enjoy their time as well.

If it’s an area with water (pool, lake, river, beach, dam etc) make sure you’re aware of your dog’s water tolerance.  If they don’t like swimming don’t force them to.  If they love it, make sure they are monitored.

If you’re going to a rural bush area, when was your dog’s last flea & tick treatment given?

Also when out walking in the bush/rural areas, be aware of snakes.  It’s their season, warm weather they’ll be out looking for water as well.


Most Importantly

Take note of any changes in your dog’s behaviour.  This is the first indicator that something isn’t right for them!

Is it too many people, too much food, have they been bitten, are they over heated?  It could be many things and becomes a process of elimination.

Hopefully this Christmas Day Safety Check-List will help you and your fur baby to have a relaxing and fun Christmas Day.


Billy and I would love to hear how you guys are going to be spending your Christmas Day.

Drop us a Line.


J & B Woofalicioius Tales xoxo

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