Being the Best Version of You


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Can I just say that you’re awesome!  With the hectic day to day running of our lives I think it’s important to just STOP & BREATHE, really take note of the air coming into your body and going out!!!

When we do this it’s also important to be grateful for what we do have and how far we have come.  We all seem to be experts at beating ourselves up for what we don’t have and haven’t achieved yet etc and stressing ourselves out, that we forget to stop and pat ourselves on the back (or we wait for others to do this and it never happens).

Being the Best Version of You is about that, I’ll be posting articles that will hopefully help you to see your true worth (the way your fur kid/s see you) and to appreciate who you are as a person right now.  It all starts with you, once you know and understand your true worth, those around you will as well, as Dr Phil says, ‘We teach people how to treat us’!  This goes for how we treat ourselves as well and all our negative talk that goes on in our head space!!

First thing first though is how important it is to believe in ourselves, no one can do this for us, it comes from within.

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