8 Tips On Keeping Your Fur Kids Safe From Snakes!

Hey There Woofa’s,

It’s stinking hot in Australia today (45 degrees aka 113 fahrenheit) and everyone is fighting to stay cool.

Something to be aware of in this weather are SNAKES.  I recently saw a Facebook picture of a Red Bellied Black Snake in the carpark of a local shopping centre!!!

Our slithering friends need to keep cool as well.

The reason why I’m covering this topic is because Dean heard Billy barking the other day down near some long grass and pavers (that we’re using to make a path with) out the back.  He then also spotted a rather deep hole with a 10-15cm radius (aka possibly a snake hole)!!!!

So needless to say we’re on Snake Alert right now!!!

PS – the snake in the picture is totally plastic.

Here are 8 Tips On Keeping Your Fur Kids Safe from Snakes!

Tip 1 – Be Aware!

While snakes love the heat, they still need water to cool down.   They’re out looking for water right now.  Try leaving more than 1 water dish out for your fur kids.  Maybe one further down the backyard so if a snake is coming into the yard looking for water, it’s far enough away.

Tip 2 –  Identify it and Report It!

If you do see a snake anywhere near your area, stay away from it but try to identify it if you can and call WIRES or the local snake person to let them know.  They are trained to collect them and have the appropriate equipment for removal.

Tip 3 – Know Your Dog’s Behaviour!

Be aware, if your dog suddenly becomes interested in something in the garden, or under a stack of something etc and won’t leave it alone.  Guaranteed it could be a snake.

Just as I was typing this Billy was out barking at some long grass we have down the side, and he doesn’t usually bark down there!!

We’d rather err on the side of caution, so we brought him inside.

Granted we also have Blue Tongue Lizards and he loves chasing them too.  The lizards have legs so they’re easy to identify.  It’s the supposed snake hole (that we’ve covered with a brick) that has us on alert.


Tip 4 – Know Which Snake!

Generally, Red Bellied Black Snakes  won’t attack unless they are attacked or feel in danger first.  I’ve walked right by one (only 30 centimetres away) before and never got attacked.  It’s the Brown Snakes that will strike up at you and/or your fur baby.

We had a Red Belly in the front yard once and I watched it all day sliver in and out of the pond. It would start on the rock, then go into the water, then back up on the rock.  Once the sun went down it slivered off and only struck out once the birds started to attack it.

I also have a friend that got bitten by a Brown Snake, she was clearing away tree branches and it bit her on the ankle, then chased her and then chased her husband.  They eventually got to hospital, once the anti venom was given and a week of blood tests to make sure the venom was out of her system, she was okay.  The Browns will attack and give chase.

So try to keep your dog away from any snake until someone can come and remove it.

Here is another site of Australia’s 10 Most Dangerous Snakes!


Tip 5 – Snake Fight!

If your dog does start something with a snake be very careful, if you distract your dog away from the fight it could be the moment the snake bites it.  Most dogs will be successful but some also come out worse for wear.

This is something we want to try to avoid.

Tip 6 – Anti – Venom!

It’s best to keep the number to the local 24 hour VET on hand and to find out whether they keep anti-venom.

If they don’t, find out off them the closest VET who does store it.  Knowing this information could really make a difference.

Tip 7 – Signs to look for!

If your dog is bitten it will show

  1. Weakness;
  2. Collapse;
  3. Shaking;
  4. Vomiting;
  5. Blood in the Urine;
  6. Dilated Pupils and;
  7. Paralysis.

Tip 8 – What to do if your dog has been bitten!

  1. Immobilise them and keep them as still as possible;
  2. Wrap them in a Towel, if needed;
  3. Call the Local 24 hour vet, find out who has the anti venom;
  4. Try to identify what colour the snake was;
  5. Take them to the vet with the anti- venom ASAP.


What Does This Mean?

I don’t want to scare anyone, the purpose of this post is to be aware.  Even when walking your dog be aware of your surroundings.

We want everyone to be cool and safe this Summer.

Have you and/or your fur kids ever had a run in with our Slivering Friends?  We’d love to hear from you?

Do you have any tips to add?


J & B

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