6 Ways to Safely Restrain Your Fur Baby in the Car!



Now we know that , yes we do have to restrain our fur babies from distracting the driver, how do we go about this and what do we use?

I prefer not to put Billy in the front passenger seat of the RAV4 purely because of the air bags and he does distract me a bit because I’m always patting him and making sure he’s okay.  So he goes in the back, we have a doggie hammock seat cover for the back seat and after seeing the video below we have since gotten him a new harness and he gets locked in with a seat belt to the harness.  Some might say it’s too much, me, I say it’s never too much when it comes to my dog’s safety.


Check out this quick video on Harness testing and then tell me it’s too much!


How bad did some of those harnesses perform, certainly something to take note of anyway?  Some harnesses are fine for walking your dog with but don’t appear to go too well upon impact in the car.

We got Billy a new harness purely for the car because we didn’t feel the current one we had was up to standard according to this video.   Dean found one in The Pet Warehouse called EzyDog Drive Harness, Dog Car Harness.

Below are 6 Ways I found to Safely Restrain your Fur Baby in the Car, I’m sure there are other ways out there but going by what my customers come with and these seem to be the most popular ways for them.


This hooks onto your dog’s collar or harness and then clips into the car’s seat belt latch.  I would definitely make sure your dog’s collar or harness is fitted appropriately to your dog and that the clip fits into your car latch.

An example of a Doggie Seat Belt




As I said we use a harness for Billy and then clip it into the seat belt, I find clipping the seat belt just onto the collar pulls on the neck.  With the harness your dog is more secure from the shoulder area, again make sure the harness fits your dog appropriately.

You can also get a harness with a seat belt loop on them so all you have to do is loop the car’s seat belt through the loop on the top of the harness.  This is good because it works the same as the seat belt works for us, holds tight if suddenly jolted forward.

Some harnesses can be tricky for some people to fit on their dog so I would practice first to make sure it’s on correctly and fitted securely before using it in the car.

Some harnesses are purely used for walking, some are used just for the car and others can be used for both, some research here on what’s suitable for you and your fur baby would be advisable.


Example of a Doggie Harness used in the Car



The Doggie Hammock uses velcro strips that hook around the back seat and scoops down over the back seat and back up the back of the front seat (in the shape of a hammock) and hooks onto the back of the front seat (clear as mud).  It also stops your fur baby from having access to the front seat and prevents them from being thrown forward through the front seats.

It also stops hair from getting all over the back seat of the car which is a bonus.

Our Hammock Seat Cover we use for Billy



These are like cages or plastic crates that your dog goes into, I would get your dog use to being in one before using it in the car.  Some dogs prefer the confined space of the travelling crate, others not so much.  Again you’ll have to make sure your dog can go in comfortably as they need enough room to sit, stand, turn around and easily lay down in a comfortable position.

Also where you place the crate make sure there is enough ventilation and air flow and that the crate itself is secure so it won’t fall over with your dog in it.

One of my customers uses a small plastic crate for his little dog as she is scared of travel and usually vomits (however she is getting better the more she’s taken in the car).  He places it on the back seat with the car seat belt over it to secure it in.


Example of two different Doggie Crates



I find these are mostly for the smaller framed dog, the seat hooks around the  back of the front passenger seat (mostly, they can go around the back seat as well) and are like a basket/container/bed for your dog to sit in and be attached to.

Another of my customers uses this type for her little dog.


Example of a Pet Booster Seat



These usually hook to the back of the back seat and make a barrier for the dog to go into the open far back of the car, so they can’t jump over the back seat and enter into the seating area of the car.  You can get plastic type ones or much stronger ones as well.  However, they will still need to be secured into the back area of the car.


An example of 1 type of cargo barrier


I hope this has helped with ideas on how you’re going to travel safely with your fur baby next time you take them for a drive.   Most of the products can be purchased online or at your local pet store.  The images I used are just from google images to give you an idea of what the products look like, if you’re anything like me I need visuals.

Here’s to safe travelling.

We’d love to hear your safe travel stories, what products do you use to keep your fur babies safe while in the car?  Paws on By for a Tail Wag some time!!!!!!


J & B

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