6 Tips on Keeping Your Fur Kid’s Safe This New Years Eve!

Wow just when you thought the festivities were winding down, they pick right back up again.

Can you believe we’re close to saying goodbye to 2017 and to Welcoming 2018?

Whether you’re going out or saying in this New Year’s Eve the all important question is – How Safe Are Your Fur Kids This New Years Eve?

Everyone loves to see the fireworks but our fur kids are the ones who suffer.


6 Tips on Keeping Your Fur Kid’s Safe This New Years Eve!



If you have to leave your dog, before you go out take them on a walk, give them their dinner and make sure they are worn out and comfortable.

Put the TV on timer so an hour before the fireworks start the TV comes on with music or a TV show the family usually watches with the dog around.

Or put some music on Timer (not too loud) so it comes on before each firework display, it may help distract them.

If you’re home you could distract them by playing their favourite game during the fireworks, or just sit with them and comfort them, whatever they need in the moment.

Some dogs may get comfort from running around and barking at the sky when the fireworks are going off.  I say this because our neighbour’s dog does that.  This behaviour, while not ideal, comforts her in the moment until they stop.


Safe Place

It’s important that your fur babies have a safe place to go away from noise and anything that disturbs them during the night.

Not only are fireworks in the main towns but locals can set them off in suburban streets which is much closer to home.

Dog’s react to the loud banging noise and the flickering lights, as well as the smoke smell.

Some of my customer’s talk about their dogs taking cover in their wardrobe.  Some dogs hide under beds as well.

If your dogs are outside give them shelter in kennels or bring their bedding in the laundry or garage if possible.  Somewhere, where they can feel safe.

If possible, it’s great if you can bring them inside with you just until the fireworks are over.



If you’re going out for the night and you have outside dogs, make sure they can’t escape the yard.

Dogs that are frightened will become a bit manic and will try anything to get away from the noises.

It might be a good idea to put your dog’s collar on and make sure it has a tag with your phone number, just incase they do escape.

If your dog is frightened and they are inside, make sure there’s nothing sharp or dangerous that could harm them or they could use to harm themselves.


Shelter and Food

It goes without saying that your fur baby should be left with sufficient shelter from whatever whether your experiencing.

Also feed them before you go out, no matter what time of day it is because it’s a long day and evening to go without food.

Always leave fresh water out for them as well.


Pet Sitter

If your dog is manic about fireworks and you can’t stay home with them, then it might be a good idea to get a neighbour who is staying at home to check on them for you.

Or pre-arrange someone to come and sit with them for the duration of the fire works.

Here we have a 9pm session and a 12am session of fireworks.

If you have a large family you could nominate someone to stay home and take turns each year.



If you happen to be out or at home and see another dog roaming scared, call them over (if you feel confident enough to).  Approach with caution.

Have a spare lead ready and try to comfort the dog.

Check to see if they have a collar and a tag with contact details.

If not, try local Facebook pages for lost and found pets or 24 hour vets in the area etc

Angels work on this night every year trying to keep pets safe in our area.  They are on call and come when called to either read microchips and contact the owners, or they take the dog for you, until the owners are contacted.

If you can’t contact anyone straight away, try to keep the dog safe as possible, away from the roads even if you have to secure them in your front yard until you can contact someone.

Make sure someone or people take turns in sitting with the dog so it doesn’t harm itself or try to get away again.


We want New Years Eve celebrations to be fun for everyone.

It’s important to know your dog’s behaviour and what they’re like around fireworks and that way you can put plans into place so they aren’t distressed.




Billy, Janine & Dean

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