5 Reasons Your Dog Hates Spring!

Yaaaaaaay Spring has finally arrived!  It took a while but it’s so much warmer and I’m loving it.

However, unlike me some people hate spring because it’s ‘hay fever’ season.  This causes them all sorts of discomfort!

Well our fur kids can also suffer from Spring Fever.  There’s all sorts of reasons our fur kids become itchy in Spring and these are just a few that drive them crazy.

Granted our fur kids are individuals!  This is just a general idea.  Each case is different and these are only 5 of many reasons why our fur kids could be itchy.  When in doubt trust your gut and find a trusted vet.




1. Fleas

Fleas are the first thing I would look for if my dog started itching.  With Spring comes warm (sometimes moist) weather.  Fleas LOVE this environment and thrive in it.

Because Billy’s white I can see them running on him if he does have any.  If you’ve got a long haired fur baby, check under their tail near their bottom or turn them over and check their belly.  You’ll see them running over your fur baby.  You could also run your hands over your fur kid’s body to feel for a black sand like texture.  This is called flea larvae.


There are many, many flea treatments around and it can become confusing.  If you’re not sure which one to use, ask what other dog owners are using.  If you want to know the different between oral treatments (via the mouth) or topical (on the skin) ask a trusted vet.

I would also treat your dog’s bedding, anywhere they go inside as well as treating your fur baby.

I also plan on covering this in my Natural Remedies section.

2. Flea Saliva

I know with Billy, because he’s not use to having fleas, if one jumps on him and bites him he goes mental.  Some fur kids are actually allergic to the flea saliva.  This can cause a dermatitis on your fur baby that can be very uncomfortable for them.


Pretty much the same as above, the key is to remove the fleas from your fur baby (& their environment) as well as stop them returning.

Give them a bath, remove as many fleas as you can this way.  Then once your fur baby is completely dry, add their topical flea treatment.  If oral treatment, it doesn’t matter when you give it to them.  To ease the burn from the itchy skin you could try aloe vera gel or paw paw ointment.

3. Environmental

By this I mean the front & back yard, parks, grass, weeds, pollens etc.  We had a Staffy called Cleo and every Spring she would rub her belly along the cement til it was red raw.  So every Spring she would go to the vet and get a cortisone injection to stop it.  She was allergic to a grass seed that was produced in Spring.   During Spring everything is in bloom.

If you also do a big Spring clean of your home, are you using a different chemical or product that you don’t usually use?


So, basically watch your dog’s behaviour, are they itching after being on grass?  Do they sit under a specific tree that produces a flower or sap or something during spring?  Do they bury bones in the garden and brush up against certain plants?  Ask your local council if they spray pesticides at the dog park!   Try not to spray pesticides on your yard but if you have to make sure your dog isn’t around to walk through it or roll in it.

4. Malting Hair

Whether long or short, a dog’s coat will thicken in Winter, start to shed in Spring, so it’s thinner for Summer then in Autumn/Fall it will start to thicken up again ready for Winter.  That’s basically the coat cycle.

Spring brings lots of dogs that have this excess hair their body is naturally trying to shed.  It makes them itchy and uncomfortable if it’s not brushed out.


Simply, brush your dog regularly.  Whether long haired or short haired your dog’s coat does need brushing and admittedly some more than others.

Some of my customers keep their dogs hair longer in winter and they go shorter in the Spring/Summer months for this reason.  I’m not saying everyone has to cut their dog’s hair short.   The most important thing is to keep brushing that malting hair out.

5. Insects

Yes lovely bugs, NOT!  I’m all for insect rights so long as they’re not biting me or my fur baby.  Mosquitos, flies and all sorts of flying insects seem to also enjoy the fruits of Spring.

Mozzies, some people can be bitten and there’s a slight annoying itch and that’s it.  Others get bitten and they get a huge nasty red welt looking thing that comes up and that’s just after 1 bite.  Well some fur kids are the same, mozzies can affect them the say way!

I see a few customers dog’s that come in with fly blown ears, the flies just hang around them and drive them nuts.  Leaving behind a nasty sore and their fly larvae on the ears.


There are all sorts of fly repellents for animals at the pet store.  However, if I see flies hanging around Billy I will use a child friendly fly repellent.  They have spray on or roll on, I put it on my hands and rub it lightly onto the ears.

Also look around your yard too see if something is attracting the flies as well, an old dog bone, dog pooh, fertiliser etc.

I plan to cover this in my Natural Remedies section.



If your dog isn’t normally itchy and come Spring they start to scratch.  It’s a general indication that something about Spring has set them off.

Above is just a pin prick of reasons why your dog could be itchy in Spring.  It becomes a process of elimination, watching their behaviour and how and when it changes.

Does your dog hate Spring?  Tell us about your fur kid and how they deal with Spring!  Have you come up with any solutions to Spring Fever for your fur Kid?

Billy and I would love to hear from you.


J & B

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